Couple on Rail Trail Sand Run Falls

Hiking Near Blackwell

Obviously, the Pine Creek Rail Trail is a very popular hiking option. It's flat and very scenic. The segment between Blackwell and Rattlesnake Rock (shown above left) is a beautiful hike of just 1.8 miles each way.

Another interesting hike is the trail to Gilespie Point. To get to the trail head, go back to Blackwell, cross the two bridges and turn right onto Big Run Road. The trail starts at the first right turn on Big Run Road only a hundred yards from Rt 414. This trail is a gradual uphill climb to a summit overlooking Pine Creek, Babbs Creek and the town of Blackwell. The climb takes about 45 minutes. Make sure you bring your camera!

Another rewarding hike is the trail to the Sand Run Falls. To find the trail, go to the Babbs Creek Inn in Morris. Take the gravel road behind the hotel and drive 6.8 miles. Look for a high bank on the left, then a small parking area followed by another mound of dirt on left. The trail starts below the parking area on the left. You will hike about 30 minutes and arrive on a small plateau above the falls, so stay back from the edge. Follow the trail, cross the creek above the falls and hike down the steep bank on the far side of the creek to the large pool below the falls. This is not a hike for small children or people who are afraid of heights. The falls is shown in the picture above.