Available Hunting Lands - Blackwell is surrounded by tens of thousands of acres of state forest and state game lands that are available for hunting. These forests have an abundance of oak and beech trees that provide good food sources for local wildlife. In addition there are several large clearcuts in the area in various stages of regrowth. These clearcuts provide both cover and diverse food sources for deer, bear, turkey and grouse.

Deer Hunting - Deer are common throughout the area, but tend to be concentrated in areas with good food sources, nearby water and escape cover. Archery hunters are most successful hunting near food sources in the early evening. Muzzleloader and rifle hunters do well hunting at the tops of ravines and the edges of steep hillsides that deer use as escape routes. Areas with farm crops have the highest concentrations of deer. The nearest farming areas are the Oregon Hill area and Delmar township area.

Turkey Hunting - The Blackwell area has good populations of wild turkeys. The cabins are in prime turkey habitat and turkeys frequently roost just a few hundred yards above the cabins. Another good area for turkey hunting is in the hills around Big Run Road on the other side of Pine Creek. Pre-season scouting by listening for gobbling in the early morning is the best way to increase your odds.

Bear Hunting - The unofficial mascot of Blackwell is the black bear, because bears are very abundant in the Blackwell area. Bears can be seen moving early and late in the day, but they like to bed during the midday in thick cover or in dens on steep hillsides. Successful hunters either put on drives or hunt in areas overlooking potential escape routes in high ravines or benches near the mountain tops.

Grouse Hunting - The best strategy for grouse hunting in the Blackwell area is to hunt the clearcuts. There are productive clearcuts in the gamelands near Big Run Road and in several areas on the left side of West Rim Road.