Resources for Visitors

PA Canyon

This is one of the most popular websites for visitors to the PA Grand Canyon. It contains lots of information about attractions, shopping, restaurants, and things to do. It also provides maps and links to other area websites.

Potter Tioga County Visitor's Bureau

This website has lots of useful information about the area, including local attractions, recommended itineraries, restaurants, shops and parks. It also has a calendar of events that can be referenced by year and month.

Pine Creek Outfitters

For outdoor adventures in the PA Grand Canyon, Pine Creek Outfitters is an excellent resource. They rent bikes, rafts, canoes, wetsuits, and kayaks. They also run shuttles between the access areas above and below the wilderness section of the canyon. So, if you want to raft or bike down through the canyon, they can rent rafts or bikes for you to use and they can shuttle you from Blackwell back to their facility near Ansonia.

Wellsboro Chamber of Commerce

For information about Wellsboro, including shopping and dining information, select "Vacation Wellsboro" on this website. There is also some interesting historical information under the "Our Area" selection.