Ponderosa Renter Comments

The following are some renter comments from the Ponderosa guest book:

"This place is a treasure and we can't wait to come back." - K.S.

"There is nothing like sitting next to the campfire listening to the crickets and gazing at the blanket of stars above the tree tops. Wish we never had to leave, but we look forward to returning as soon as possible." - C.B.

"This week flew by. It was a great time, very relaxing. Thanks for sharing your cabin." - G.S.

"Golfed a beautiful course at Tyoga Country Club. Came home, fished a little, saw some deer and then a bear came by. This has got to be one of the most amazing places I've ever been!" - L.F.

"It's been a wonderful trip. Hope to come back again. The cabin was very clean when we arrived. It has been a great birthday present for me to be able to stay at the Ponderosa. Thank you." - B.C.

"We had a very nice time at the Ponderosa. Lots of beautiful scenery. We saw a lot of animals from the picture window. One night we saw deer, racoons, opposums, skunks, a fox and a bear. We also saw rabbits, squirrels, blue jays and a hawk." - L.F.

"Great time again this year. Love the grill pit! Saw lots of animals! Hope to visit the area again next year. Thanks!" - C.R.

"Saw or heard 62 species of birds during our stay. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. This is a very special area and the Ponderosa is a wonderful place to enjoy and relax." - D.C.

"It was a very special weekend. Such a romantic place for two romantics!" - T. & J.