Waldhaus Renter Comments

The following are some renter comments from the Waldhaus guest book:

"The cabin was warm and cozy - a perfect location for our activities and just what we needed for a break away from work. Thank you for the opportunity to enjoy your Waldhaus." - K.S.

"It was fantastic. We have never experienced anything like it. The views were outstanding. We had a fabulous time. Lots of memories to take home to Ireland." - H.L.

"Had a terrific time here, as usual. Always sad to leave. The cabin is always a delight." - P.K.

"We celebrated our 37th wedding anniversary here, been here for the last 10 anniversaries. Wonderful, wonderful weekend." - E.A.

"I'm writing these notes sitting on the back deck, drinking coffee and simply enjoying the atmosphere. Looking forward to the week's activities: Hiking, biking, kayaking, swimming, and fishing. ..... Had a great week. Love the cabin! Thank you!!" - C.C.

"On this trip, we saw a bear, an eagle, a grey fox, deer, porcupines, rabbits, an osprey, herons, goldfinches, bluebirds, and an oriole. Stargazing at the Blackwell access area was spectacular. Thanks for the fun time." - C.F.

"Thank you so much for another great adventure at Pine Creek and for the kind hospitality at the cabin." - A.B.

"We had lots of fun! Great cabin! We will be returning next year." - J.C.